Hold Your Insurer Accountable With Our Bad Faith And Fraud Attorneys

We all expect insurance companies to act in good faith with us. After all, our society heavily depends on them to do what is expected of them. If an insurer fails to meet this expectation, then you need to be sure that you have an experienced California attorney at your side to hold them accountable. We at Bolt Keenley Kim LLP have that experience.

Keep Your Insurance Company's Behavior Above The Table

Insurance companies manage a considerable amount of benefits that are crucial to so many of us. Unfortunately, like any other business, their primary goal is to make money. This can sometimes result in insurance companies cutting corners or even depriving their clients of the benefits they are entitled to.

If you believe that your insurer is behaving this way, it can seem hopeless to make them do what they are supposed to. Thankfully, that is where we come in. Even if you feel as though your insurer did not fairly evaluate your claim, we can act as your representative to make sure they are doing their job.

Protect What Is Yours With Us By Your Side

If you believe that your insurer is breaching your contract, denying to pay you what they owe or behaving fraudulently, do not put up with it another minute. Our lawyers know how critical cases like these are, so let us be the aggressive defender you need. Contact our Berkeley office by calling 510-284-5662. Start by setting up your initial consultation today.