Get What You Paid For With Your Health Insurance Claims

We put a lot of faith in our health insurance. It is the safety net in most of our lives. If serious or catastrophic injuries occur, we should be able to rely on our insurance to carry us through trying times.

The bad news is that even here in California, insurers can delay, deny or even underpay your claim for coverage. The good news is that the attorneys of Bolt Keenley Kim LLP know how to stand against your insurer to get the benefits you deserve.

Let An Experienced Professional Protect You

We have been in this business long enough to know how important your health insurance claim is. A timely payment can be the only thing keeping you from facing dire consequences from your injuries, or even death. Often, our clients cannot afford to wait around to get the benefits they should have gotten days or weeks ago.

We take an aggressive position when we represent you. We want your insurer to know that they have a duty to you that they need to uphold. Despite this duty, insurers often exploit loopholes to keep you from the benefits you deserve. This is exactly why you need an attorney. Insurers prey upon people who do not get legal representation, so they can save money by minimizing your payment.

Begin Your Fight For Your Recovery

Our lawyers have extensive experience negotiating with insurers, and we are not afraid to get rough with them. Protect your rights by contacting us today. Contact us at 510-284-5662 to set up your initial consultation at our Berkeley office.